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We take pride in our Music and CD's from S&J Star Brite Records. All of the CD's we offer from our Record Company and can be delivered to you asap.If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:                                                              sheriandjohnny@yahoo.com
​ 1. Blues Man
 2. Mean Ol' Whikey              $ 6.99
Everybody's Rockin' The Blues
​1. Everybody's Rockin' The Blues
​ 2. Blues Man
 3. Mean Ol' Whiskey
 4. Cuddle Up
 5. Sweet Thing
 6.  What Would We Do Without Music
 7. You Gotta Have Soul
 8. I Don't Need No Doctor         $ 12.99

  We Are America
  1. We Are America            $ 5.99
   Cyd and Cheri  for Lute Records
  1. I'm A Lookin' For Blue Eyes
  2. Lonesome For You

  Johnny Stark for Cystaltte Records
  1. Rockin' Billy
  2. Drivin' Me Out Of My Mind    $ 19.99
 Golden Hit Recordings
   Double Vintage Records 
Heart To Heart  
  1.  In My Dreams 
  2.  Malibu
  3.  Blues Man
  4.  Mean Ol' Whiskey
  5.  Come On Home
  6.  Only Love
  7.  When God Made You, He Was Thinking Of Me
  8.  We Are The Dreamers
  9.  Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
10.  What Would We Do Without Music                      $12.99
To be released in June 2013
You can hear samples of the songs on the Product Page.
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New Vintage Album Release on Hydra Records from Germany
              Johnny Stark - Rockin' Billy

 1.  Roll Baby Roll
 2. So Loveable
 3. Drive Me Out Of My Mind
 4. Waitin'
 5. Little Boy Blues
 6. Feeling Like A Fool
 7. Cold Coffee
 8. Rockin' Billy
 9. Teenage Lovers
10. Why Why Why
11. Hopelessly In Love
12. I Wanna See You
13. The Clock
14. Broken Heart
15. Goddess Of Love
16. Little Bossa Nova
17. My Treasures
18. Big Bossa Nova
19. Sweet Thing
20. Soul
21. Weatern Guitar
22. King Of The Country Sound
Johnny Stark - Rockin' Billy                                                                                        $19.99
from Germany 
Hydra Records                                                                                                                         

Vintage Album 50's, 60's, 70's Records. CD of Johnny Stark's Records