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Sheri Livingston and Johnny Stark want to invite you into their world of Music. They have performed across the USA to rave reviews and because of their Fans demand's for CD's of "Sheri & Johnny", they started their own record company since 2010. It is called "S & J Star Brite Records". It is located in Pennsylvania. The owners of this Record Company are Recording Artists/Song Writers/Entertainers "Sheri & Johnny" and Partner, Song Writer and Pianist,  Mark Traversino, who is Johnny's life long friend. They just Lost Mark a year ago, but Mark will never be forgotten!!! 

Sheri and Johnny have been in Show Business since they were kids. Sheri and Syd Livingston, (Sheri and her Twin Sister, Syd), were tought to sing at three years old, by their Mother, Jo, who was a big Band Singer. At 5 years old, Jo taught Syd to sing Harmony. Sheri and Syd have sung professionally since they were 7 years old and Johnny Stark has sung Professionally since he was 12 years old. Both Acts had Hit Recordings in the 60's, that are still being played in the USA, Europe and Asia today. 

Syd and Sheri, after they graduated from High School, went to Hollywood and signed with Lute Records  and recorded as Cyd and Cheri, "I'm A Lookin' For Blue Eyes" and "Lonesome For You". Their record was a "Cash Box Pick Of The Week" along with Records of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. Sheri and Syd continued singing and performing together and on their own, through the years. 

Johnny Stark started singing at Twelve years old. First in Opera then the Big Bands and then Rock-N-Roll. After moving to Hollywood, Johnny signed with Crystalette Records and had a Hit Record,  "Rockin' Billy" and "Drivin' Me Out Of My Mind".  Then Johnny performed on Dick Clark's American Bandstand and then went on Tour with Frankie Avalon, Connie Francis, Eddie Cocran and Gene Vincent. Johnny was inducted into The Rock-A-Billy Hall Of Fame in 1997.  Johnny signed a deal for some of his Records from the 50's, 60's and 70's with Hydra Records in Germany, which was released the end of August 2015. Johnny also signed with Tramp Records in Germany for two singles which was released in January  2017 and two more releases coming out soon. "Three Faces Of Johnny Stark" is also coming out soon on - S & J Star Brite Records - Albun Designed by Anthony Scott Kaye.

"Sheri & Johnny" have several releases on their own Lable - S & J Star Brite Records, which you can buy from their store on this Website -  www.sheri-and-johnny.org

Sheri and Johnny met and teamed up Oct 3, 1998 and have performed from Coast to Coast, starting in NYC, then NJ, PA, Branson MO, LA and Las Vegas, to Rave Reviews!!! 
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Sheri Livingston & Johnny Stark 
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