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Sheri Livingston - Life and Musical History
​Sheri Livingston and Syd Livingston
Interested in learning more?
Sheri Lyn and her twin sister Sydne Gean, The Livingston Twins were born to James Donald and Dorothy Jo Livingston in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. (Look Out Paul Newman and Susan Hayword) Don was a handsome Boxer and Jo  was a Beautiful young big Band Singer and even though Jo gave up her singing career, when she gave birth to her Twin Girls, with her great love of Music, she taught her little girls to sing at three years old. At five years old, she taught Syd to sing Harmony. Before long, these two adorable Red Headed Twin girls were singing on Radio and WKY TV in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

When their Dance Teacher Patty Hill heard them sing, she took them to her Boss and Owner of the studio, Molly O'Day, for her to hear the Livingston Twins girls sing. Molly was also an Agent and had a line of beautiful girls, that did shows throughout Oklahoma and Texas and other Mid West States. Molly was thrilled with the girls and ask Syd and Sheri's Mother, Jo  if the girls could 
perform on her Professional Shows and Molly would buy the AGVA Union cards for Syd and Sheri. Their Mother said yes, (as long as it didn't interfere with their schooling.) They performed at Clubs and Army and Air Force Base Officers Clubs for years. The Twins were 7 years old, when they started singing on the shows. Everyone loved them.  

When they were 12 years old, Molly moved back to Dallas, Texas and Syd and Sheri signed with Patty Hill's Husband's Orchestra, The Earl Hill Orchestra and sang with them until they graduated from Harding High School in Oklahoma City. Syd and Sheri were raised by their Mother and her Parents, Quinn and Roy A Hoffman. Their Grandmother, Quinn passed away when they were in High School. Quinn was a fabulous Lady. Syd and Sheri's Grandfather, (Gramps) Roy A Hoffman (Head of the Oklahoma Tax Commission) when they Graduated from High School, gave Sheri and Syd and their Mother the Family car and the three Gal's made the trip to California to continue working on Syd and Sheri's singing Career. 

Then they moved to Hollywood and signed with Lute Records and had a "Cash Box Pick Of The Week" Hit Record, "I'm A Lookin' For Blue Eyes" and "Lonesome For You",  along with Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. Then Syd and Sheri teamed up with "Bill Norvas and The Upstarts", Gary Sneed and Jerry Wilson. They played The Blue Room at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans. Then at "Gus Stevens" in Biloxi Miss. 

Then Sheri, Syd, Gary and Jerry stayed together, returned to LA, taking a new name "The Guys and Dolls" and wrote a new act and played in a few clubs in LA, then at The Thunderbird Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas. Later, back to LA  at Judy Garland's CBS TV Show, Mel Torme heard "The Guys and Dolls" sing and he fell in Love with this fabulous Vocal Group and took over managment. Then he signed them with "The Si Zentner Orchestra" of "Up The Lazy River" Fame, for a USA and Canadian Tour. After the Tour ended, Sheri and Syd moved to NY and continued their singing careers together and on their own. 

They both Married New Yorkers. Sheri to Murray Kaye and Syd to Eddie Caccavale and raised their children. Syd and Eddie had two Children. Sheri and Murray have four children and five Grand Children.  Johnny has three Children and three Grand Children. Sheri and Johnny are very proud of all their Children and Grand Children!!!

Through the years, Sheri has made LA and NY home, performing and producing Shows. Syd is a real New Yorker. Syd and her singing partner Linda Kurtis have performed all over NY and had their own TV Show, "The Syd and Linda Show" and they have also performed on Sheri and Johnny's Shows.

In 1998, before heading back to NY, Friends introduced Sheri to Johnny Stark over the phone. Sheri was in Hollywood and Johnny was in Las Vegas. They spoke for three weeks everyday, at least two times a day. That was just the beginning. Sheri knew she had to stop- in Las Vegas on her way to NY to meet this fabulous guy. That is where it all began, for one of the Best Acts in the Business.

Sheri, Mother Jo & Syd
Jo and Johnny
Sheri & Her Hubby, Murray C Kaye
        Murray Passed away 1983
Sheri & Murray had an 
Antique Shop at Murray's Beauty Salon in NYC.
 Ester Tobi was one of 
Sheri's  Models and Friend..
Elaine Mayers - HouseKeeper 
and Nannie to Sheri & Murray's 
Children. They all Loved her so much. .
Elaine Passed away May 21, 2009.
Three of Sheri & Murray's Kids, Tony - Kym & Jony
 in their adorable Bentley.   
Syd, and Best Buddy, Gennie and Sheri
Sheri &  Ronnie Whitehill
          Life Long Friend
Murray - Sheri - Jo - Bill Meherin
The 2 + 2 - Jerry - Sheri - Syd - Gary
     with The Si Zentner Orchestra
        Murray C Kaye 
with our Vintage Right Hand Drive Rolls 
Sheri & Sydne
​In Memory of Syd & Sheri's Mother - Jo with the Family
In Memory of our Gramps 
and Grand Mother Quinn
  Roy A & Quinn Hoffman
Syd - Mother jo - Sheri
Syd and Sheri
  Jo - Robert - Sheri 
Mother & Dear Friend & Sheri
  Sheri & Johnny
Nanah, Quinn - Syd & Sheri
Our Beautiful Friend Maxi
   Tony - Kym - Sheri
Visit to Gramps Roy A Hoffman 
   Oklahoma City News Paper
    Winners of Beauty Contest
Murray Kaye - Sheri's Husband & Sheri
Sheri and Syd's Mother & StepDad
      Dennie - Pat -Kathy - Mike  Meherin
 Bill's four Children & Sheri & Syd's Step Brothers & Sister
Johnny Stark
Sheri Livngston
Sheri Lyn & Sydne Gean
  The Livingston Twins
The Gaslight Club 
    in NYC
Syd & Sheri's Mother -
Dorothy Jo Hoffman
Livingston - Meherin
    Sheri & Syd comiing home to NY
 from Oklahoma City and their High School Reunion
     Linda - Syd - Sheri - Robert H. Tompkins
Ron & Ronnie Whitehill & Jo (Sheri & Syd's Mother)
 at 18
Sheri Livingston  Kaye
Costume Designer for Brazil and New York City.
Lady Sheri Livingston Kaye
 Murray C Kaye was Knighted for all the Civic things he had done for so many people in NYC.