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Everybody's Rockin' The Blues
  We Are America
S&J Star Brite Records Products
We take pride in our Music and CD's from S & J  Star Brite Records. All of the CD's we offer are from our Record Company and can be delivered to you asap.

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 1. We Are America              $7.99
 Golden Hit Recordings
DoubleVintage Records  
From the 60's  - $19.99
 Cyd and Cheri  for Lute Records

 1. I'm A Lookin' For Blue Eyes

 2. Lonesome For You

 Johnny Stark for Cystaltte Records

 1. Rockin' Billy

 ​2. Drivin' Me Out Of My Mind

           Color My World 

 1. Change the World 

 2. Just Once
 3. Sailing

 4. One In A Million

 5. Arthur

 6. Truly

 7. Just You And I

 8. Steal Away

 9. Wonderful Tonight

10. Color My World



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New Release on Hydra Records from Germany
      Johnny Stark - Rockin' Billy
Just Released - $29.99
          Heart to Heart
 1. The Prayer                                             $19.99

 2. When God Made You, He Was Thinking Of Me  
Three Faces Of Johnny Stark           $19.99
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​1. CROSSROADS                                                          $ 9.99
2. Everybody's Rockin' The Blues                                  $19.99
3. We Are America                                                         $ 7.99
4. Golden Hit Recordings  (Double Vintage Hit CD's)              
                "Cyd and Cheri" and "Johnny Stark"              $19.99
 5. In My Dreams                                                            $ 7.99
 6. In My Dreams (Album)                                              $19.99
 7. Three Faces Of Johnny Stark                                   $29.99
 8. Heart To Heart -The Prayer & 
       When God Made You He Was Thinking Of Me        $19.99
​ 9. Rockin' Billy - Johnny Stark (Hydra Records)             $29.99
10. Color My World                                                          $19.99
11. The 2 + 2 Vocal Group  with Si Zentner  Orchestra   &19.99                                          
   The 2 +2 Vocal Groupe
With Si Zentner;s Orchester

1. The Saints Go Marchin' In

2. Blue Skys

3. It Was Just One Of Those Things

4. It's A Blue World

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  Sheri & Johnny