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                     "Sheri Livingston"
Sheri Livingston, not only is a great singer and performer, but handles all of the "Sheri & Johnny" PR and she is very handy in the Studio. Through the years, Sheri has been an extremely talented Costume Designer for herself and many others in the Business.
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                      "Johnny Stark"
Johnny Stark, is a fabulous Singer and Entertaner, and has been a great song writer for years, on his own and also with Mark Traversino, Johnny's life long friend. Mark discovered Johnny when he was just starting his career in Hollywood.
                    "Mark Traversino"
Mark Traversino was a partner with Sheri and Johnny on S & J Star Brite Records and has written many fabulous songs that Sheri & Johnny have recorded. Johnny and Mark have worked together for many years, Johnny Singing and Mark on Piano and writing songs, so it was great to have Mark as Sheri & Johnny's partner in their record Company. Be sure and check out Mark's Book, Rocky Van Gogh, The Cat With One Ear on Rockyvangogh.com. Mark was so talented! And the Best Partner anyone could have. Loosing Mark was such a great lose in 2016.
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