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Johnny Stark - Life and Musical History
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Johnny Stark was born in Fairview, New Jersey. He started singing professionally at 12 years old. He first started in Opera, with his first vocal teacher, Henry Ormonte and then Remo Taverna. Then he switched over to  The Big Band sound, then Rock-N-Roll. When he moved to Hollywood, he signed with Crystalette Records. With his hit record "Rockin' Billy"  and "Drivin' Me Out Of My Mind" that he performed on Dick Clark's American Bandstand. That lead Johnny to Tour with Frankie Avalon, Connie Francis, Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent. Then Johnny performed across the country at all the Top Clubs, such as, the  Hollywood Palladium, The Copacabana, and The Apollo Theater to standing ovations. When Johnny returned to Hollywood, he met Mark Traversino and Mark gave Johnny his first Gig at his Club "The Samba". That was the start of Johnny and Mark performing together and writing many fabulous Songs. 

In 1969, Johnny signed with Gene Norman's Label Crescendo Records in Hollywood and recorded two songs Johnny wrote: "I Don't Need No Doctor" and "Good Good Woman" which became A Bill Board Top 100. Then Johnny played Tahoe, Reno and Las Vegas where he ended up living and performing for years. Johnny was inducted into The "Rock-A-Billy Hall Of Fame" in 1997. 

Johnny's wife Faye had passed away two years before sheri and Johnny met.  Sheri's Husband Murray Kaye had passed away in 1983.  Johnny has three wonderful son's and they are all very talented. Johnny has two Brothers, Joey  and Ronnie. Two Great guys. It is always a blast to get together with them and their beautiful wives, Lucy and Barbara,..

Johnny signed a contract with Klaus Kettner and Hydra Records in Germany for a CD with all his records from the 50's, 60's, and 70's, which was released in Europe.​ Johnny also just signed 4 songs with Tobias Kiremyer of Tramp Records in Germany to be  released January 2017.

Big Brother Joey 
      and Me
    Aunt Christeen , Brother Joey, Me and Brother Ronnie.
Johnny at 7 Years Old
Bro Joey, Me, 
Bro Ronnie 
and a Friend
Johnny - Ronnie -Joey
Lucy & Joey
Johnny, Dr.Ron & Amy
  Lucy, Joey's Wife - Amy, Dr Ron's Wife - Sheri, Johnny's Lady and  Barbara, Ronnie;s Wife.
   Johnny and
Mark Traversino 

Me in front of Our Childhood House
Our High School 
Lunch Hang out
Chuck & Billy & Johnny when 
    he sang as Johnny Apollo
Johnny Stark - Recording years for 
            Crystalette  Records.
     Joseph & Louise 
In Loving Memory of 
                         Mommie and Dad
Johnny Stark
Johnny Apollo Trio at The Stove Piper
Johnny Stark and The Bakersfield Poppy Pickers
  Ronnie - Johnny - Joey
  Johnny - Joey- Ronnie - Bob Arsina.
Mark Traversino - My Best friend
Standing in front of the Club we worked at for  many years the famous Club in Las Angeles
                      "The Palamino Club"
Cousin Mickey - Joey - Johnny - 
Mommy - Joey - Johnny
Alfred and Johnny
Johnny & Jake  1974
      "My Buddy"
Sheri Livingston
             Johnny Stark 
Recording years for Crystalette Records
    Johnny Stark
 at The Stove Piper In LA
Mark Traversino - Johnny Stark - Billy Paul
Hydra Records - Germany
Johnny Stark - Rockin' Billy Records from the 50's, 60's & 70's. New CD release.
Johnny at 14 months
Johnny & My Late Wife Faye
Callahans - Great Hot Dogs
Johnny Stark Gone Country!!!
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