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The 2+2 Vocal Group

Sheri Livingston - Syd Livingston -     Gary Sneed - Jerry Wilson
Johnny Stark Trio
Chico Vaga & His Drifters
Friends - Old & New!!!
We have worked with many Great Entertainers and have become Friends. Here are many Photo's of our Wonderful Friends, In and Out of The Business.

Johnny Stark - VocalChuck Hoover - Piano  & Billy Paul - Drums
Deana Martin
Chico and Dee Dee live in Branson MO. and are performing to rave rviews.
Dakota Staton
Linda Kurtis - Syd Livingston -
Michelle Russell - Sheri Livingston -
Johnny Stark - Barbara Reuter
Karen Hernandez
Jimmy Spencer
Every great singer wants Karen to Play Piano for them. Not only is she a great musician, but she is Beautiful and she is a fabulous singer as well.
Richard Simmons
Jimmy's voice is like velvet and makes you fall in Love with him and his Beautiful Voice.
Rick Montalbano

Best Friends
Mike Corda & 
        Paul Francis Webster
    Writers of "We Are The Dreamers"
         "Sheri & Johnny" recorded.
Chriss & John Griffin
Two very Close and Dearest      Friends In California
She keeps her Dad Dean Martin alive and in our Hearts with her Beautiful Voice. Deana is a sweet and wonderful Friend and a great Entertainer.
What a great singer and a 
special friend to Sheri
Robert was Liberace's Agent in NY and was a great friend of Sheri's and later became close friends to Johnny as well
Lee was close friends with Sheri, Syd, Gary and Jerry. He was a great man and Entertainer. Lee was always there for Sheri through the years.
We did our first Recording with Rick at his studio in Rome, NY.
Rick is a fabulous Pianist and a dear Friend. He worked with Chuck Mangione.
Johnny - Barb - George - Sheri
Good Friends and Fans
Vaughn Suponatime
Louis Thomas & The Pieces of Eight
Harold Jackson's Ink Spots.
Zina Bethune
        Ron Aaron Weber  
Actor and one of our Dearest Friends.
Ronnie - Sheri - Anne - Virgina,- Linda -
 Fran - Kelly - Karen -Syd -  Shellie  - Quinn
Sheri - Anne - Ronnie - Fran 
Karen - Syd - Kelly - Linda
        Mark Traversino
Best friend and Great Partner. Fabulous Pianist and Song Writer and Author
    Joe Valdez
Great Singer & Friend
           Rod Caccavale
A Fabulous Drummer - Actor - Writer.
At The NYC Gaslight Key Club
The Top Club in NYC where Sheri & Syd performed in the mid-60's. Many Star's Such as Louis Armstrong and Guy Lombardo would stop in.
Veronica Whitehill
    Great Mystery Writer
Dodie Stevens
Old Friend of Johnny's That sang 
on one of Johnny's Records
A Wonderful Singer and was a Great Friend. We really miss him
      Ronnie and Ron Whitehill
Great Friends. Ron is truly missed.
Jaquin Torres Pekyta
Owner of Theatre East and our Best Friend
Bill Norvas and The Upstarts
     Jerry - Sheri - Bill - Syd - Gary
 At The Blue Room in New Orleans
Jerry Brooks & Sheri Livingston
Jerry & Sheri's Show at Club Genesis.
Producers - Fourteenth Floor Productions
       Jerry Brooks & Sheri Livingston
Jerry Brooks is a Great Entertainer and 
A Very  Dear Friend of Sheri & Johnny
Sheri designed and made the Red silk Robe for Richard.   Richard is a wonderful Friend.
Jerry Brooks sang with The Ink Spots and they performed on Sheri & Jerry's Show Sheri and Jerry Produced at Club Genesis.
Jerry sang with this great group and they performed on Sheri & Johrry's Shows.
In Loving Memory of An Angel who was taken too soon. She helped so many. She was a Beautiful Dancer and Actress and a Dear Friend, as her Mother Ivy Bethune is. Ivy is a Lady of the Theater and so Loved.
Lester Coltas
Chico & Dee Dee Vega
Syd - Sheri - Linda.
       Gecko and His Sweetie 
are our Dear Friends and always there for us.
Dan Diamond
Great singer and wonderful Friend.
Great Singer and Dear Friend

Frank Sinatra
  Sheri's Dear friend.  They met in 1968 at Gilly' in New York City. 
       I Really Miss you Frank!

Sheri & Johnny with Paul P Russo Jr.
Owner of Cool Scoops in North Wildwood, NJ and a Very Dear Friend!!!
      Roger Williams 
Sheri & Syd performed with Roger 
in Oklahoma  when the girls were in High School and performing with Earl Hill's Orchestra... Roger was such a Great Friend to Sheri & Syd.
 Richard Simmons
         A Sweetheart and  a wonderful Friend
   The Syd And Linda Show
Syd Livingston & Linda Kurtis
Syd Livingston & Ray Mosca
     - Famous Jazz Drummer 
The Syd & Linda Show 
        in Manhattan
 Gary & Michelle 
Two of our Best Friends
       From Texas
    Linda Kurtis
         Great Friend -      Singer/Entertainer
               Zac Hilon 
Great Entertainer and best of Friends
    Robert C Huber
Talented Writer and Dear Friend
Candi & Arthur Ramer
Sheri- Arthur-Johnny  Candi & Arthur owners of Sushi Blues Are two of our Dearest Friends. We sadly lost Arthur this June 2013. 
All our love and we are totally here for Candi.
Candi is a Talented and Beautiful Lady. 
The New York City Gaslight Key Club Girls
       Michelle Russell 
       & John Keisch          
   Talented and Dear Friends

  Jody Wheeler & Lynda Garrison Simms Wheeler
Dear and Life Long Friends of Sheri & Syd & Now Johnny's.
   Nikki and Zac Hilon
       Zina & Ivy
 Rick Peterson 
  Rick is the Best!!!
Susie & CD Burntte 
      - Cusins and Best Buddies
If You haveany Questions, Please drop us a lime.
Robert H Tompkins
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